Is giving Laurence middle names a thing in the Temeraire community now?

I would damn well love to take part in it.

It just sort of happened….

William “No Temeraire….no…we can’t do that….*sigh*….alright fine…” Laurence. 

William “……I am not explaining where babies come from to a dragon” Laurence.

William -self doubt- Laurence 

If You Like Temeraire…You Might Like:

The Fire Within, (The Last Dragon Chronicles, Book One)- Chris d’Lacey

These books are oldies, but goodies and were one of my favorites when I was younger. They may be geared for younger readers, but I’m sure anyone who is a fan of dragons will enjoy them nonetheless. This book, “The Fire Within” is just the first in a longer series. I’ve read almost all of them, the ending of it I will never forget as one of the most surprising I’ve ever read! 

"When David moves in with Liz and Lucy, he discovers a collection of hand crafted, clay dragons that comes to life and has magical powers. David’s personalized dragon, Gadzooks, can forecast the future, and inspires him to write a story which reveals the truth behind an unsolved mystery close to home. The story has an unhappy ending, and when David realizes the consequences of it he is angry. Then David finds Gadzooks crying and near death, and he discovers that these special dragons die when they are not loved. Soon David is forced to save his friend and unlock the powers of the fire within."

The Dragon Deck Presents……200 Follower Give Away!?!?!?

For REAL this time! 

My friend just told me that she makes buttons and would be willing to give me a discount if I requested some Tem-fan buttons! I will have to negotiate price but I’m thinking somewhere between fifteen and twenty buttons! 

If I reach 200 followers I will be giving away these lovely buttons, (more information to come if I actually achieve this goal!) If I don’t, I will save the buttons for the next contest….stay tuned my lovelies! 

Your Obedient Servant,

The Dragon Deck


William "Let’s pick up one person in each country we visit" Laurence

oreosmom9 said: Oh my god, your little mini fic of Excidium was adorable! I cried a little bit at the end! I would like to see more of his relationship with Jane and Emily in the books. Novik seems to rarely go into the other captains' relationships with their dragons, and I know the books are about Tem and Laurence, but I'd love to see some tender or funny moments between some of the other dragons and captains. Anyway, thanks for this, it totally made my night. :-)

Oh I am flattered, thank you! I agree, I really love the amazing one liners that Excedium is given (even though they are few and far between.) He is the dragon version of that mysterious creepy neighbor who just sits on his porch all day with a beebee gun shooting it in the air and yelling at children to get off of his lawn! 

That was why I wrote the mini story, because I wanted to explore a different captain/dragon relationship. If you are ever interested I have another longer story that is solely about Granby and Iskierka titled, “When Angels Fly Away.” I am glad you liked the story thought, Excidium is wonderful, his character has such potential!! 

Your Obediant Servat, TDD.


I absolutely adore how the dragons refer to Catherines baby as “the egg”


I absolutely adore how the dragons refer to Catherines baby as “the egg”